Thursday, May 7, 2009

Clear Message Format

Sometimes messages come out wrong and people take them the wrong way. For example, I was busy at work the other day and I received a phone call from my girlfriend. She was calling to see how my day was going and tell me about her day at work. I told her I was busy but would try to listen as best as I could to at least make her feel that I was not totally blowing her off. Well the more she kept talking the more I found myself not really listening at all. Just saying a lot of "Yeah." and "Uh Huhs." Being that I was so busy and had so many other distractions or noises around me this one of her talking to me was the one that began to make me a little uneasy or irritated. I finally told her hey I'm busy is there anything important you need to tell me or can I get back to work?
At the time I didn't really think about how that came out, but let me tell you when I got home I got to hear how she felt. She was very upset with me. At first I couldn't figure out why because really I wasn't listening to her earlier on in the day. She told me what I said and I tried to reassure her that that is not what I meant but the damage was already done. What I needed to say was I am busy so unless there is something that you really need to tell me, I need to focus on my work and I will call you back when I get some free time.

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